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Thursday, September 24, 2009

With out my cell phone...

This past Tuesday night, my girl Breean talked me into going out and getting some drinks. We both went to school with Adam the bartender at Rey’s so we got the hook up!! Needless to say, I had a little too much…and somehow managed to lose my cell phone. On my lunch brake yesterday I go back to the bar with no luck. I called before I left work as well to see if it had been turned in with no luck. Now, if you know me at all then you know I am practically glued to my phone. So I went home phoneless and I completely enjoyed an evening alone with my puppy Monroe and no phone. No vibrating, beeping or ringing…it was fabulous. I spent time with my mother and niece, watched Ghost with the dearly departed Patrick Swayze, enjoyed my homemade buffalo chicken salad and cleaned my house for about three hours. It felt good to get things done I had been putting off. Now I am on day 2 with out my phone and I couldn’t be happier. Not necessarily because I lost my phone but because with out it I have been able to take time to just sit back and reflect a little. I was sitting in my car this morning where I would normally be texting on my way to work or talking to my mother. Instead I was left with listening to my cd player and thinking about my precious puppy. He ate so much food last night and did not go number two so his belly was so big! He came running down the stairs and his belly was so heavy that when he got to the bottom his back end swung around and he ran into the wall!! I am sitting at a stop light this morning and just bust out laughing. I thought to myself that I am happy. I couldn’t remember the last time I was truly happy….years ago. I am finally happy again.

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